"My wife and I can never thank God and Dr. Caldeira enough."


–Tom Wright


In Feb 2008 I found myself at TGH for the second time in 17 years facing my second open heart surgery. Having had rheumatic fever as a child and endocarditis at age 40, my heart valves had issues. The first surgery replaced the aortic valve and this second surgery would repair or replace the mitral valve.


Several tests later the problem with the mitral valve was confirmed but one more problem would be added to the list. A large aneurism had been found. Then I met Dr. Caldeira.


His calm and gentle manner was felt the minute he sat on the side of my bed. He was confident that my heart could be fixed and spent a great deal of time with my wife and me answering endless questions. Every nurse and doctor on staff at TGH said we had the best heart surgeon to be found. His education and experience are both staggering and impressive.


The surgery went without any problems and, here I am, eighteen months later, in better shape than ever, looking forward to many years with my wife and family and spoiling our 4 beautiful grandchildren.


My wife and I can never thank God and Dr. Caldeira enough.





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